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Creative Outdoor Patio Enclosures

Creative Patio Enclosures

Creative screened in patio enclosures are a great way to add protection from those pesky insects while enjoying a meal or entertaining guests. It would add value and space to your home.

The enclosed patio space is a great place for a ping-pong table. It is also a secluded and comfortable space for reading in the fresh air. Being enclosed and protected from the elements a patio ceiling fan could be added for additional comfort. A glass patio enclosure could create a solar heated area in the winter months. This would also warm the rooms closest to the enclosed patio area saving you money constantcontactsites .

An outdoor patio enclosure is an easy way to add that extra den or bonus room to your home. If your existing patio has a cement slab currently in place and a sturdy patio cover or roof, you would only have to add the walls and windows.

After installing outdoor patio enclosures you can furnish the space to be comfortable in any season. An outdoor fireplace creates a cozy spot in a cool summer evening as well as during the winter months.

There are some many variations in outdoor patio enclosures. They can be elegant or simple. They can be permanent or removable. There are screen enclosures, plexiglass, and glass enclosures. You can purchase structures that you can install in a day. They can be mounted on your existing deck or patio without costly site prep.

Add That Needed Extra Room in a Day

Outdoor patio enclosures are much more than just room additions. They provide a sanctuary for you and your family. The combination of natural light and comfort ensures that this new room will be the most used room in your home. Sunrooms are significantly more cost effective, easier to install, and cause less mess than construction of ordinary room additions; not to mention take much less time to construct. You'll save money on heating and cooling costs and get to enjoy outdoor living indoors all year long in your spectacular Four Seasons Sunroom.

Construction of outdoor patio enclosures is less expensive and easy. The major consideration would be that the roof is properly supported on a solid foundation. To dress up a cement slab foundation you can add flooring made of tile, brick or pavers.

Installation of a glass room addition, sunroom or patio enclosure can often take less than two weeks and causes minimal disruption (debris, dust, etc.). Permits and design fees are either unnecessary or less costly. The existing electrical and plumbing in your home can be utilized. Best of all, a outdoor patio enclosures don't require substantial modifications to your home.